Manufacturing, Building, 3D Signage & Illuminated Signs

Signz Nz manufacture all signage in-house from Coreflute signs, Plinth, Pylon, billboard, Aluminium light boxes, 3D lettering.

Illuminated signs (using fluorescent lamps) are an excellent way of getting your name up in lights.  Be it under-awning signs, menu-boards or stencil cut faces, illuminated signs are a fantastic alternative to neon.

LED signs are made with vibrant colours that are highly visible even in daylight.  LED’s offer a very effective and affordable way to advertise your business.  Powered by a 12V DC adapter, these units are incredibly safe and economical to run and as everyone is aware, LED’s have a life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours giving years of continuous use. LED signs are the Green alternative to neon signs.
Light boxes / Poster Boxes.  We can manufacture any type or shape to poster box or Illuminated light box. Allowing you to have interchangeable inserts when and if required.

We know that 3D Signage will get your business noticed, Simple logos or raised texts have a visual impact that attracts attention.